Day 1 – Jet lagged in Buenos Aires

Woah, that was a far far trip. It’s 2pm here and we just crashed for a few hours. We’re going to go to Ushuaia tomorrow morning. We’ve got one day to mess around the city, if I can get Evelyne out of bed. We’re staying a place called C’Chic hotel. I think the picture below is the actual room I’m in right now. I have made a link if you wanna check it out.

We’re in an area called Palermo. You can read a bit about it here. (Wikipedia).

I’m going to try to get to Antarctica, but fear all the spots will be sold out and it won’t work out. Our “backup plan” is to bounce around Patagonia, so not really too concerned if Antarctica doesn’t work out. This is probably going to be the only Warm day of the trip.

Las Vegas to Buenos Aires

C Chic Hotel

Antarctica / Argentina Shot Palermo