Laundry in Ushuaia and Laundry in El Calafate

Laundry in El Calafate

Well, didnt expect this to be such a bitch. If you are looking to do Laundry in either city, prepare for a two to four day issue.

On Friday the plan was leave Saturday, but laundrymats could only have it ready for Monday. So we organized to get it done at the hotel in El Calafate when we arrived on Saturday, with a 24 hour turn around time. The issue is it would have cost us $150usd to get all our laundry done at the hotel. So we went around on Sunday to Laudrymats in El Calafate but it was Sunday so its all closed. Next option is Monday and I am sure itll be minimum 24 hour turn arounf, which means I have to stay another day in the city for Laundry? Wtf. No coin operators.

This is high season so all the hotels in both cities are using these services. Sucks.

The USD is 1 to 14… Should give some perspective on price. My list would have been over $150 USD for the both of us. Tshirts, Socks and Underwear for two people ran the bill up.

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  1. karen Field

    Gah!! I had to use a laudramat last weekend for some huge blankets we had for our Chloe, and the cost was $29 Canadian. I thought THAT was outrageous.

    Clean tshirts and underwear are important, but THAT important? Dunno ’bout that.

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