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At the airport. Vegas to BA. 

W00t. Long day ahead. Almost 5 hours to Miami then a quick layover and 9 hours to Buenos Aires. Considering Evelyne is 15.5 weeks pregnant this flight is gonna suck. Dr said drink 4 gallons of water while travelling. F o u r g a l l o n s f u c k. American Airlines is probabaly the worst airline on the market so double fuck. 
Im having a 10 am beer. Ftw. 
Also we ate a sandeich at rubys at the airport thinking a blt was the healthier option. Deep fried bread.  Even the screen of my phone is greasy. Murrica. 


Travelling to Argentina

I’m finally going to Argentina. The plan is to leave on the January 17th, connect in Miami then land in Buenos Aires. Once there, I want to try to get down to Ushuaia and see if I can get a last minute trip to Antarctica. Would be dope if I could.


Personal note:
My homie Chris Hornak died on Tuesday, and my dog Chloe died last night.  Shitty buzz.