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Laundry in Ushuaia and Laundry in El Calafate

Laundry in El Calafate

Well, didnt expect this to be such a bitch. If you are looking to do Laundry in either city, prepare for a two to four day issue.

On Friday the plan was leave Saturday, but laundrymats could only have it ready for Monday. So we organized to get it done at the hotel in El Calafate when we arrived on Saturday, with a 24 hour turn around time. The issue is it would have cost us $150usd to get all our laundry done at the hotel. So we went around on Sunday to Laudrymats in El Calafate but it was Sunday so its all closed. Next option is Monday and I am sure itll be minimum 24 hour turn arounf, which means I have to stay another day in the city for Laundry? Wtf. No coin operators.

This is high season so all the hotels in both cities are using these services. Sucks.

The USD is 1 to 14… Should give some perspective on price. My list would have been over $150 USD for the both of us. Tshirts, Socks and Underwear for two people ran the bill up.

Perito Moreno Glacier

Nick in Bariloche
Look where we went today. This was honestly one of the most spectacular things I have ever seen in my life. You can actually understand how glaciers carve out mountains and canyons when you see the size of this fucking thing. 60m tall. Ice_Field_(1_of_1) Perito_Moreno_Glacier_(1_of_1)-2Perito_Moreno_Glacier_(1_of_1)-3Me_on_Perito_Moreno_Glacier_(1_of_1) Perito_Moreno_Glacier_(1_of_1)-4

Prison Museum in Ushuaia / Colours of the City

Nick and Evelyne in Ushuaia

Our last day in Ushuaia wasnt the most exciting, but we have been doing a lot, so we decided to go to the prison museum. Ushuaia is a prison colony. Aparently, nobody really wanted to live down in Ushuaia in the 1800s. Now its a town of approximateky 80,000 and it is awesome.

The colours of Ushuaia are gun metal grey. It may sound like it is dreary, but its not. The colours are intense! The clouds are a sharp gunmetal. The ocean is a sharp gun metal. Evelyne was wearing a gun metal coloured dress and she has beautiful gun metal grey eyes. Seeing a that together made me very happy.

Its time to leave. I will be back, but not today. No. Not today.

Ushuaia Prison Museum Ushuaia Prison Museum Ushuaia Prison Museum Ushuaia Prison Museum

And then, here’s some nice photos of Ushuaia

Ushuaia Ushuaia Ushuaia

These damn beavers in Argentina!

Man, these Canadian Beavers are assholes. Someone in Argentina thought it would be a good idea to bring 25 beaver couples to Tierra del Fuego. Well now there are 250,000 of these things and they are wreaking havoc all over the place. One beaver can move 4000 kg of wood per year, so all these beavers are moving 1,000,000,000 kg of trees around building these damn dams and generally being shitheads.  


Tango B&B and Glacier Hike

Because we were trying to get on an Antarctica expedition last minute in the super high season of January, which didn’t work out, we didn’t have any accommodation while here in Ushuaia. That left us in a toght spot and we have had to bounce from hotel to hotel at high rates. Last night we stayed in a nasty shithole called Hostal Movina or something and it was just not cool. We moved up the this Tango Bed and Breakfast and its nicer already. We have two nights here. Evelyne is sleepong before we take a hike to thr Glacier and I dont have an internet connection, so I figure I’d ramble on here for a while. Tomorrow we have some cool shit booked. I like cool shit. I will show you that shit later. 

Saturday we go to El Calafate and have some more cool shit to do there. 
Last night we had a super nice dinner at a spot called Lola, but you try to get something moderately healthy, anywhere here, like white fish, and they serve it to you literally drowned in butter. Like a fish needs salt water to live, right? It can’t survive in liquid butter, can it? 

The wine here is so good. Evelyne, being 4 months pregnant, yesterday, can’t drink it. She can watch me drink it. 

At this point I am literally typing because I have nothing better to do for five more minutes.  Read how depraved penguins are in thr post below. They are sick little fuckers.